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York UK Hosting is an approved registrar for domains Domain Name Registration

Registering a domain is different to registering a CO.UK domain as the process requires a manual application to be submitted to the Joint Information Systems Committee, more often known as JISC.  Unlike a or .com domain an application has to be submitted by an approved registrar such as York UK Hosting. Applications are manually reviewed to ensure the organisation meets the eligibility requirements and have chosen a domain that meets the specified naming conventions.

Eligibility requirements for domains

.AC.UK domain names may typically be registered by UK based organisations that fall within one of the following categories:

  • University with degree awarding powers
  • Tertiary educational establishment funded by central or devolved government that are incorporated under the Further and Higher Education Act (1992)
  • Research Council
  • Learned Society including Royal Colleges
The categories indicated represent a summary of the official guidance for brevity. JISC Guidance can be downloaded here.

Naming conventions for

When registering a domain it must be representative of the requesting organisation’s name and not be generic in nature. A domain must represent the organisation as whole and not a department within an organisation.

Transferring a domain

If you have an existing domain name and would like to move from an existing provider it can be transferred to our administrative control including managing renewals.

York UK Hosting do not require you to host the domain even if you transfer it to us. 

Registration & Renewal cost for a domain

The registration cost for a domain name is £199.00. This includes two years of registration and the initial non-refundable application fee. Subsequent renewals are £149.00 per two year period.

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If you have any questions please not hesitate to contact our friendly Sales Team. We will be happy to answer any questions about our domain registration services without obligation or pressure.


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